Zelandobius confusus group

The confusus group has undergone rapid divergence and consists of 21 species, several known only from a single specimen or sex. The larval form of many of these species are not yet determined. As McLellan (1993) acknowledged in his comprehensive revision of this group, there are no reliable characters that can be used to separate the larvae of these species. However, one species is easily distinguished and these have been illustrated below. It is anticipated that this list will grow as we understand more about this diverse group.

For those requiring further taxonomic resolution to the larvae of this group, they will have to rely on a combination of distribution information (also given below) and the original descriptions given in the species information sheets. In addition the species information sheets also provide a complete list of specimens and their institutional repositories, as such reference specimens can be located for comparison where necessary.

Easily distinguished species from the Z. confusus group

Zelandobius illiesi
Note: Prominant spines on lateral margins of pronotum and mesonotum and dorsal projections on abdominal segments.        

Distribution maps of Zelandobius confusus group

Zelandobius alatus
Zelandobius albofasciatus
Zelandobius brevicauda
Zelandobius childi
Zelandobius confusus
Zelandobius cordatus
Zelandobius dugdalei
Zelandobius foxi
Zelandobius gibbsi
Zelandobius hudsoni
Zelandobius illiesi
Zelandobius inversus
Zelandobius jacksoni
Zelandobius kuscheli
Zelandobius macburneyi
Zelandobius mariae
Zelandobius montanus
Zelandobius ngaire
Zelandobius patricki
Zelandobius peglegensis
Zelandobius takahe
Zelandobius wardi